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Ahl-i-Hadeeth Andolon Bangladesh
(Ahl-i-Hadeeth Movement Bangladesh)

  1. A unique organization of bearing the standard of Pure Tawheed
  2. An unparallel platform for acquiring knowledge according to the holy Quran and Saheeh Hadeeth.
  3. A revolutionary movement towards forming society and state on the basis of last Wahi (revelation) of Allah.



بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

قُلْ هَذِهِ سَبِيلِي أَدْعُو إِلَى اللَّهِ عَلَى بَصِيرَةٍ أَنَا وَمَنِ اتَّبَعَنِي وَسُبْحَانَ اللهِ وَمَا أَنَا مِنَ الْمُشْرِكِينَ (سورة يوسف 108)-

Pronunciation: Qul-Ha-zihi Sabeeli Ad'u ilal-lla-hi 'Ala Baseeratin Ana wa Manit Taba'ni wa Subha-nalla-hi wa ma Ana Minal Mushrekeen'.

Meaning: Say, This is my way; I and who follows me invite unto Allah with wakeful knowledge. Allah is glorified and I am not among the Polytheists (Yusuf 12/108).

'Ahl-i-Hadeeth' means the follower of Hadeeth. In terminology meaning, the follower of the holy Quran and saheeh Hadeeth. The movement of returning to the holy Quran and saheeh hadeeth (i.e. authentic traditions) by giving up all others is called ‘Ahle Hadeeth movement.' Honoured Sahabis, Tabeis and Salaf-i-Saleheen have always invited to this path. So, Ahl-i-Hadeeth is not a traditional name of a sect or ism. But this is the name of a way. This is the latest way of Wahi revealed by Allah. The way of the holy Quran and saheeh hadeeth. Its last destination is the paradise. The full guidance of man both religious and worldly life lies in this way. ‘Ahl-i-Hadeeth movement' invites people to that very divine path. So this movement is the only way of a Mumin (pious believer) for his well-being in worldly life as well as salvation in his life hereafter.

Name of the organization:

Ahl-i-Hadeeth Andolon Bangladesh.

Established: Friday the 23rd  September, 1994.


To propagate and inculcate pure Tawheed in all spheres of life by following exact instructions of Kitab and Sunnah to gain satisfaction of Allah. The social and political objectives of Ahl-i-Hadeeth Movement is to bring about all round reforms of the society through ensuring the rectification of Aqeedah and 'Amal (i.e. faith & deeds).

Five basic principles:

1. Establishment of sovereign rights of the Kitab and Sunnah: its meaning is to give utmost priority of the orders and prohibitions of the holy Quran and Saheeh Hadeeth and to follow them unconditionally and without any hesitation.

2. To wipe out Taqleed-i-Shakhsi: It means not to accept any one's opinion blindly in the matters of shari'ah without proper documents. Taqleed is of two kinds: Homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous Taqleed means the blind following of different Mazhabs or Tareeqah in the name of religion within Islam. Heterogeneous Taqleed means blind following of different isms in the name of earthly matters like Capitalism, Socialism, Democracy, Nationalism, Secularism etc. which has crept into the society. 

3. To keep open the door of Ijtihad: 'Ijtihad' means to make all out efforts to find out answer of all questions of the age from the holy Quran and Saheeh  Hadeeth.To keep open this right for all qualified scholars (Alims) till the Day of Resurrection.

4. To accept Islam as only solution for all problems: It means that in all religious and earthly matters Islam is to be accepted as only solution.

5. The consolidation of Muslim unity: It means to build up Muslim unity by unconditional acceptance of the orders and prohibitions of the holy Quran and Sunnah and to give priority the overall interest of the Muslim Ummah.

Through implementation of the aforesaid aims, objectives and principles, Ahl-i-Hadeeth Andolon Bangladesh wants to establish such an Islamic society, where there shall be appeared no heterogeneous isms in the name of progressiveness, nor any Mazhabi parochialism in the name of Islam.

The four point Programs

The four point programs of Ahl-i-Hadeeth Andolon Bangladesh are Tableegh, Tanzeem, Tarbiyat and Tajdeed-i-Millat. That is propagation, organization, training and social reforms. The social reform is the main point of them.

1st point : Tableegh i.e. propagation

The works to be done: (a) To make people aware of the call of Ahl-i-Hadeeth Movement by means of personal contact and intimacy. (b) To read out one particular Hadeeth with meaning everyday after ‘Isha prayer before the Musallis. (c) To attain in weekly Ta'leemi sitting and to go on for Tableeghi tour. (d) To arrange weekly family Ta'leem. (e) To give Khutba of Jum'ah, to organize Islamic conference, scholar's assemblage, press conference, seminars etc. and to deliver lectures there. (f) To distribute cassettes, CDs, journals and leaflets of the organization and to arrange for reading books and selling it etc. 

2nd point : Tanzeem i.e. organization

(a) Members are of three stages: Primary member, Member of general council and the Member of central council.

(b) There are four stages of the organization: Branch, Area, District and Centre. If there are three Primary members in a village or mahalla a branch may be formed making one of them president, one secretary and one member. In absence of it one from among the supporters to be made a convener and another joint convener and a convening committee with not more than seven is to be formed for a period of six months. If the district is absent there that branch will be approved by the centre.

3rd point : Tarbiyat i.e. training

The works to be done : (a) To read regularly the Quran, Hadeeth and Islamic books of the organization. (b) To join the weekly Ta'leemi session regularly. (c) To join in training programs. (d) To perform Tahajjud salat & other Nafl salats regularly and to observe Nafl siyam of every monday and thirsday in a week or the siyam of Ayam-i-Biz for three days in the middle of every lunar month. (e) To attempt always to take Halal income, to keep sunnati beard and to wear the dress of Taqwa and to maintain Islamic Hijab in the home. (f) To take effective steps to make the members well qualified and sensible enough to face various challenges of jahiliyah according to the light of pure Tawheed and saheeh sunnah in order to glorify the majesty of Islam.

4th point : Tajdeed-i-Millat i.e. social reforms

We believe that the holy Quran, the last Wahi (revelation) of Allah and the Saheeh Hadeeth [authentic traditions of the Prophet (sm)] are the final measuring rod of infallible truth. To establish the truth of that Wahi in all spheres and sections of human life and bringing about all out reforms of the society on that light, we like to give priority on three points as below:

1. Educational reforms

The national policy of education would be to build up a highly ethical, qualified, efficient and patriotic human force. To achieve that goal, our first and foremost responsibility would be to design our national education policy on the basis of Tawheed, Ris-alat and A-khirat. To materialize that policy our fundamental programs are as follows: (a) To introduce a unique and full-fledged Islamic education system on the basis of Quran & Sunnah by combining the prevailing duel system of religious and general educations. And to introduce an indiscriminatory and easily available education system for all citizens, repealing the prevailing governmental & non-governmental capitalistic system of education, such as: Kinder-garten, Pre-cadet, O-level etc. (b) To ensure separate educational environment for boys and girls, and to adopt measures for higher education and separate job opportunities for both. (c) To prohibit all sorts of grouping and political activities in educational institutions and to introduce representatives on the basis of age, efficiency and merit there, if necessary. (d) To shun all sorts of literature and culture which cause harm to Islamic Aqeedah and to introduce literature and culture according to Saheeh Aqeedah and 'Amal.

2. Economic reforms

Honest (Halal) earning is a precondition for granting one's Ibadat (prayer) to Allah. Though the interest, bribery, gambling, lottery are declared Haram (forbidden) in Islam, and are condemned vehemently by all the wise men of all ages, these forbidden means have been in operation in Bangladesh as the basis of the economic system for ages. As a result the wealth are being snatched to the moneyed men and the poor are gradually getting have-nots. The direct effect of this economy is gradual increasing of un-rest in the society. Besides, there has been added the evil activities of N.G.Os, the usurers. Most of them, in the name of removing poverty, are creating permanency to poverty; some are taking away the faith and morality of the people. In this way, the country has always been crippled economically and dependent completely on others- as part of the blueprints of the far-reaching designs of the international circle of usurers and imperialists. To make our country and society free from the above distressed condition our economic programs are as follows:

(a) To refrain from all sorts of unlawful incomes in our personal life.

(b) To abstain from all kinds of idleness, luxury and misuse and to cultivate the Islamic principle of being satisfied with the little.

(c) To ensure the collection and distribution of the Baitul Maal through the definite Imarat (i.e. Islamic leadership).

(d) To take up and materialize the Islamic schemes of social welfare.

(e) To organize wide public opinion against un-Islamic economic system and to place strong demands to the Government of the country for introduction of Islamic economic system.

3. Reforms of leadership

In most cases, the dishonest leadership is liable mainly to drive the social life to an unbearable and hellish state. And peace loving honest leadership are everywhere in seclusion. Besides the educational and economic causes that have been stated earlier, we can earmark the basic causes as follows:

(a) The political system of Governmental and oppositional parties and reckless use of strikes, dharmghats and processions.

(b) The present system of electing leaders on the basis of party and candidature.

(c) To consider the value of votes of both honest and dishonest as equal.

(d) The party administration and corrupt beaurocracy and judiciary.

Keeping in view the above points and for reformation of the leadership, our proposals are as below:

(a) To follow Islamic system of election in every section required and to conduct the administration of the state through Imarat and Shura system.

(b) To declare Allah as the sole sovereign authority and to accept His final Wahi, the holy Quran and saheeh Hadeeth as the basic source of the state-law.

(c) To promulgate the independent and Islamic system of Judiciary in the country.

Our invitation (Dawat)

'Ahl-i-Hadeeth Movement Bangladesh' wants to see the victory and all round implementation of Islam in this country. For this, according to the Tareeqa (ways) of the Prophet (sm) we like to proceed with the programs of Dawat and Jihad with sincerity under the leadership of a definite Imarat being united in a Jama'at. Jihad means 'all-out efforts in the way of Allah'. Therefore, we invite all Mumins (pious believers), both men and women, who believe in giving the utmost priority to the Quran and Sunnah in all sphere of life, to join this caravan of Jihad  and to sacrifice their life and property for it.

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